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What people say....

Image by Tim Schmidbauer

I have really enjoyed working with Shruti the last few months on a personal relationship issue. I could never imagine that this will be related to my childhood abandonment issues. I didn't even consciously know that i grew up with a feeling of abandonment in my heart. What touched me the most is the love, care, and sensitivity with which she handled everything. I don't usually open up easily, but i felt comfortable sharing my deepest fears with her. She had a very genuine concern and interest in helping me. She continues to be there for me even after our sessions are over! After working through the issues in the sessions, i feel lighter, freer and happier. 

Image by Rosie Fraser

I feel a shift in my overall energies. The process we did was very powerful and divine. I feel light, easy and relaxed. Somehow my heart is also opening up and i feel hopeful. God bless you now and always! I don't have words to thank you for facilitating this for me. I didn't have the slightest clue that my repressed anger was the source of my issues and now it has turned into a source of growth and healing. All of my being and my soul is thanking you. You were like a God sent angel.

Image by Jeremy Bishop

I would like to tell a little about myself. I am 28 dealing with severe PMS issues, to be specific severe pain in my breasts 10 days before my cycle. Off late it would start even 15 days before my cycle. I have been facing this issue for more than 4 years and I remember consulting several gynaecologists for this issue. I was put on pills to control the pain but alas no cure was suggested. I used to feel extremely helpless during this period due to extreme pain. A doctor even suggested to take multiple pain killer tablets in a day to supress the pain. I tried everything I could but finally I gave up accepting it to be part of me. 
One fine day, I got in touch with Shruti. I was extremely apprehensive about a session with a psychotherapist as I thought its a physical problem and this isn’t going to help anyway. I started questioning how could a physical problem be associated with mental health and our sub conscious mind. Shruti was extremely patient and explained me what she has herself gone through and how she healed. She gave me examples of incidents mentioned by renowned authors in their books and advised me to attend the sessions with an open mind. 
She then started working on my breast pain issue and then she took me back to a time when some incident really hit me hard as a child and I felt extremely helpless. She worked with me on inner child integration and helped me to accept and acknowledge this part of mine. She taught me that forgiveness is such a powerful tool to free ourselves from pain and agony. 
I had a different feeling after the sessions which I would instantly term as anxiety. But when I spoke to her she made me understand that it is a phase of transition and how is it important for us to heal and grow. She contantly worked on this issue and I am extremely happy to share that I am about to begin my second cycle soon with no discomfort in my breasts. Yes, you read it correct. Initially I thought it is insane but when I experienced I understood the magic. Shruti gave me simple activities to vent out the accumulated pain and negative feelings and she would ensure I do those activities as guided.
Shruti made me understand that negative feelings accumulated in my sub conscious mind has manifested in my body in this form of pain. I realised that a physical issue is never just a physical issue. It is always a physical plus a mental issue. This, I believe is a very strong realisation which is going to stay with me all my life 😇
I am immensely grateful to Shruti for being the light in this helplessness. 🙏🏻 Sincere thanks from the core of my heart. Keep doing the good work 😇

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